Friday, November 04, 2005



I think there are serious problems with the fact that Fox News network is watching our school,2933,174209,00.html.

Think of the all groups that can come together to commit to a positive media blizt campaign to develop the case for it. There is a limited timeline on the diverisity plans final recognition, and implimentation. If every student group signed onto this campaign we could have a chance to win a solid victory with for diversity. The plan will help all underrepresented students. This plan would change the entire stucture of this school from top to bottom. It is already under attack before it has been released.
200 testimonies of Discrimination, on a poster display.
In this will have OP EDs,
Diverity Plan Sign on-list (Student groups, Community, Teachers, State wide orgs),
Also student testimonies,
Speakers invovled in the College of Ed,
Dave Fro?,
Charles M?,
This would all climax on the first or second day back from winter break. There really is no better time drop this because it will allow the Eugene newspapers to grab onto this story for a few weeks after the break. Right now we need to develop relations with editors of newspapers to give them a time line, and news broadcasts networks. Jan 11. in the Fir room(maybe) for the big press conference. In this we could use the dorms as an example of why students are in desperate need of the diversity plan, but not limiting alot of other incidents.

What do people think about this as the slogan?
Are there any other slogan suggestions?

This diversity plan will really take this school to the next level, and can mean a strong future for students. This plan has been developed by generations of students. I think we will all have to loudly support this plan in order to ensure its success. We could have a good chance getting it implimented. There needs to be a counter to all negative media or doubts.

We desperatly need this plan that will help send this school in the right direction.


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